21 November 2017

Keynote speech by prof. Eveline Crone, Professor of Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology at Leiden University

It delights us to inform you that the keynote speech on Friday will be give prof. Eveline Crone from Leiden University, who recently received a Spinoza price on her excellent research on adolescent behavior and the brain.

Adolescence as an important period for social-affective engagement.

Adolescence is well known as a natural time for explorative learning, risk taking and sensation seeking. Brain imaging studies support a model of heightened reward sensitivity in mid-adolescence, which may explain certain adolescent specific vulnerabilities. However, the same neural responses that have previously been interpreted as adolescent specific vulnerabilities, such as increases in risk taking, may also provide opportunities for social learning, such as fast adaptation to different social contexts, forming friendships and close relationships and prosocial development. In this talk I will present a) an overview of behavioral studies on prosocial development, b) results from longitudinal neuroimaging studies which are useful for understanding how individual trajectories predict future prosocial outcomes and c) discuss possible interventions that may promote prosocial behavior in youth.